When mining first started at our site in Aspang in the century before last, it was a dangerous business that posed enormous risks for human health and the environment. Today, just 160 years later, ASPANGER Bergbau und Mineralwerke GmbH is a state-of-the-art, certified and safe flagship business that sells high-quality products on international markets and ensures better performance for products in a wide range of industries. Our own mineral deposit in Austria will be able to provide Aspanger MICA for more than 100 years.

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Aspanger Bergbau und Mineralwerke GmbH has established an applies to a Quality Management System according to OENORM EN ISO 9001 and an  Environmental Management System according to OENORM ES ISO 14001. The side is validated according to EMAS-regulation, registration number AT-000210.


General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy and data protection is very important for us. Therefore we’ve updated our Privacy Statement to support new EU data protection law (GDPR).

Further information how we handle your private data can be found here:

General Data Protection Regulation


We are committed to our environmental responsibility towards society and future generations and take environmental protection extremely seriously. In our efforts to maintain an intact environment, we have rooted our commitment to environmental protection in our business target and drawn up an environmental policy that is based on our guiding principles. Environmental protection is a key component of our extraction activities. All our employees ensure that environmental principles are translated into concrete targets and workflows on all levels of our company.




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